10 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow If You Love Plants

Posted on Jan 28, 2016

We find inspiration all over the place, from the homes of our friends and co-workers, to print publications and books, to shops and galleries around Portland and around the world. Recently, though, Instagram has become one of our favorite and most fulfilling places to search for indoor plant photography.

We’re consistently finding new and beautiful ideas on Instagram for ways to style our homes with plants. We even started a hashtag, #InteriorRewilding, to showcase some of our favorite photos. When we’re searching for new ideas and inspiration, there are a few accounts (and hashtags) that are our go-to places to start. Some of these are large, round-up accounts that repost the best contributions from followers. Others are independent artists and photographers creating their own content. All showcase gorgeous indoor plant photography. Here they are, in no particular order. We hope you enjoy!

10 Favorite IG Accounts for Gorgeous Indoor Plant Photography

  1. @urbanjungleblog // #urbandjunglebloggers

    The @urbanjungleblog account collects some of the very most beautiful indoor plant photography from across instagram and the web into a lovely feed. In addition, they broadcast monthly themes, challenging their “urban jungle bloggers” to create beautiful content and share their favorites (February theme is wild animals!). Perhaps the best part is the hashtag used to submit photos #urbanjunglebloggers: a cornucopia of the very best indoor plant photography.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @urbanjungleblog

    Photo from @urbanjungleblog via @rita_jasmin

  2. @thejungalow // #jungalowstyle

    Started by the talented LA-based designer, @justinablakeney, @thejungalow instagram account represents The Jungalow, a blog focusing on filling interior spaces with houseplants (check out our feature on the Junglalow if you’re so inclined!). The result? A beautiful stream of indoor plant photography and inspiring spaces. Definitely check out their hashtag, #jungalowstyle, for further inspiration.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @thejungalow

    Photo from @thejungalow

  3. @still_______

    We discovered Amsterdam-based photographer Janneke Luursema via her contributions to our own #InteriorRewilding feed, which asks folks to contribute indoor plant photography from their own spaces around the world. Her photos are minimalistic and beautiful, with refined color palettes and subjects. Stunning!

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @still_______

    Photo from @still_______

  4. @arianatanabe

    In our lead buyer Ariana’s Instagram feed, the cup runneth over with gorgeous photos of her succulent and cactus-filled home, and her visits to nurseries around the west coast. She’s a regular contributor to #InteriorRewilding, and her indoor plant photography often appears in our own Instagram feed as well.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @arianatanabe

    Photo from @arianatanabe

  5. @losinredning

    Based in Sweden the Picky Sister Vintage account features gorgeous indoor plant photography, plus some really lovely styling ideas.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @losinredning

    Photo from @losinredning

  6. @cactusmagazine // #cactusmagazine

    Another round-up account, @cactusmagazine brings together “the most succulent collection of cactus photography” on Instagram. Look for creative definitions of “cactus” here, as this account pushes the boundaries of art and indoor plant photography. Definitely explore their hashtag, #cactusmagazine too!

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram accounts to follow -  @cactusmagazine

    Photo from @cactusmagazine via @foxandramona

  7. @workspacegoals
    While not technically indoor plant photography focused, this collection of inspiring workspaces from around the world is still chock-full of indoor plants. Want to redo your work space? This is a great place to start. Submit photos with the hashtag #workspacegoals.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram Accounts to Follow - @workspacegoals

    Photo from @workspacegoals via @dabito

  8. @houseplantssociety
    Kara Riley’s @houseplantssociety is a gorgeous journey through her lush, plant-filled universe. These are the kind of photos that swallow you up and make you get lost. Pure plant goodness.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram Accounts to Follow - @houseplantssociety

    Photo from @houseplantssociety

  9. @livingpattern
    Jenny Kiker is a botanical artist whose feed features photos of her gorgeous paintings and illustrations, and the plants that inspire them. Her work centers around some of our favorite indoor plants, like monstera deliciosa. Plus her indoor plant photography from her home is stunning.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram Accounts to Follow - @livingpattern

    Photo from @livingpattern

  10. @leafandjune
    Interior plant designer Lisa Muñoz’s feed, @leafandjune, features photos of plant filled spaces that inspire her work, from homes to succulent nurseries and beyond.

    Indoor Plant Photography: Instagram Accounts to Follow - @leafandjune

    Photo from @leafandjune

What are your favorite sources of plant interior inspiration? Who do you follow on Instagram? Let us know what we’re missing! Share with us in the comments.


  1. Danae
    April 12, 2016

    Thanks for including Justina and The Jungalow in this list! You guys are one of our favorite plant IG’s to follow!

    • Jesse
      April 15, 2016

      Of course, and thanks for the kind words! We love what you guys are doing – keep it up!

    May 25, 2017

    I also LOVE @hiltoncarter

    I ALSO LOVE YOUR INSTAGRAMS & visiting your website : )

  3. Advika Arora
    January 11, 2018

    Thanks for sharing these accounts. That’s really great i can see number of Instagram posts of plants as i am fond of gardening and love plants . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Loved it.

  4. bryan little
    January 22, 2018

    You should also check out:


    My girlfriend, Filipa Domingues, photographs her plant collection here in
    Cape Town, South Africa. I think she follows all the people you mentioned! 🙂
    She is OBSESSED with her plants. Luckily most of them are succulents as
    we are about to run out of water in Cape Town ! so scary.

    thanks for the cool article,

  5. carol
    February 19, 2018

    I’m new here! I started Instagram for my plants last October 2017..just because I love taking pictures of them and my bichonand I don’t really have a venue to share them! I always get excited to show hubby but I guess he’s only trying to keep me happy check my page @plants.and.bichonfrise

  6. Victoria Landscape
    May 22, 2018

    So amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Waltree Nursery
    June 2, 2018

    Glad to see that good quality plants are produced on the other side of the world too. We also own a nursery, we produce Chandler walnut trees

  8. Milan patel
    August 25, 2018

    i appreciate the effort you made to write this blog i found this very useful and helpful please have a look at my http://www.naturelounge.in

  9. Audrey
    November 19, 2018

    Just a small account here trying to share her plants with the world 🙂


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