Glenn Nardelli | Principal, Designer + Installer

Some years back, Glenn traded in his longtime career in the media (newspaper reporter, graphic designer, tv producer) for a pair of Carharts and a flat-headed shovel. As a designer and project manager for Pistils Landscape Design, Glenn gets to apply his well-honed creative skills while having his fingers in the dirt, instead of having them mercilessly hovering over a keyboard.

Mikiel Deguara | Lead Designer

Mikiel’s passion for landscape architecture grew from his desire to improve the quality of the urban jungle. He embraces the notion that urban living should be a self-sustaining and nurturing environment for culture, community, and the natural landscape.

Maja Feldman | Assistant Designer

Maja finds design inspiration from her love and appreciation of nature. From her years spent in Sweden and her travels around the world, she pulls together memories and elements of wild spaces and applies them to the built environment. Her education in Horticulture, Art and Sustainability provide a strong foundation from which she attempts to create landscapes that are regenerative and beneficial to the environment and society. She believes that a well designed landscape has the power to transform a space into one of healing, delight, and an opportunity for community and the environment to thrive.

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