More Instagram Goodness: Houseplant Inspiration from the best of #InteriorRewilding

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

It’s been nearly a year since we launched #InteriorRewilding, an Instagram hashtag in which we invited you all to share your green oases with us. And share you did: we’ve been so floored by the more than 1600 gorgeous photos that have come through the feed – so much houseplant inspiration.

It’s been amazing to discover so many plant-filled instagram accounts. Today, we wanted to share out a few of our favorite, must-follow accounts that we’ve discovered through #InteriorRewilding Hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we have!

  1. @haarkon_

  2. It’s hard to find the words to describe the beauty of what India and Magnus have created on this feed. Alternately sharing their visits to greenhouses and conservatories around the world and images of their own plant-packed home, this account is simply magical. We find houseplant inspiration and solace in these dreamy photos of even dreamier spaces.

  3. @houseplantjournal

  4. Browsing Darryl Cheng’s Houseplant Journal is both feast for the eyes and an educational experience. His comments are full of interesting facts and awesome plant care tips. Plus, his time-lapse videos are otherworldly – so much houseplant ispiration! We can’t wait to see how his recently-launched blog develops!

  5. @foliacollective

  6. This plant pop-up based in LA was created by Danae Horst, who you might know as the editorial director of one of instagram’s (and the internet’s) most legendary sources of plant/interior inspiration, The Jungalow. It’s no surprise that her solo venture would be so gorgeous. These photos give us all the feels. Hope to attend one of her plant shop pop-ups on a visit to LA!

  7. @and_gom

  8. Lisbon-based Andreia Gomes creates beautiful natural fiber weavings, and showcases them alongside her equally beautiful plant collection! Lots of inspiration to be found in this feed with lovely styling and rich-yet-muted colors.

  9. @nininoes

  10. It’s no secret that the hard-to-find Pilea peperomioides is a bit of an internet sensation. For the Pilea-obsessed, look no further than the fabulous feed of Anne van Ours, an Amsterdam-based plant mama whose pilea collection is unrivaled — and she shares them by mail, too! Nothing like spreading the love, especially with a plant as sought-after as Pilea. Houseplant inspiration and good karma for the pilea lover.

What are your must-follow Instagram accounts? Where do you get your houseplant inspiration? Share with us in the comments, and keep showing us your plant utopias in #InteriorRewilding!

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  1. Danae
    July 15, 2016

    Thank you!! Your feed is always so inspiring, and every single account on this list is a favorite of mine so I’m kind of freaking out to be included. You guys are the best!


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