A New Year’s Eve Centerpiece That Brings Good Luck to the Table

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The Winter Solstice has passed, the days are beginning to grow longer, and 2016 is around the corner. Now, as we ready our homes for the new year, the time is better than ever to set positive intentions, make resolutions and spread good luck. If you’re having a gathering this year, we’ve created a New Year’s Eve centerpiece with exactly these ideas in mind.

Over the past few months, we collaborated with the Oregonian on a number of holiday themed centerpiece ideas. The idea was to create easy, DIY style centerpieces that could come together easily, were scaleable enough to fit on any size table, and to create something lasting. Rather than traditional cut flowers that wither after a week of use, we created centerpieces that would continue to live long after the holidays passed by, incorporating dried and live elements into the arrangements.

Our New Year’s Eve Centerpiece – Marimo, Apothecary Jars and Crystals

Marimo moss balls are native to freshwater lakes in a small number of countries around the world including Japan and Estonia. They’re simple to care for, a perfect plant for those whose thumbs aren’t necessarily green. But what really makes marimo shine is the folklore that surrounds these little aquatic plants. According to the Japanese legend, two lovers who couldn’t be together fell into Lake Akan, where marimo are native. Their hearts became marimo balls, proffering good luck and the power to heal a broken heart.

Clearly, these little guys had to be included in our New Year’s Eve centerpiece, because what better time to get a bit of good luck into your life than at the start of a new year? Plus, since they’re so easy to care for, and because they fit in any sized jar, a tabletop centerpiece of marimo make fantastic party gifts for guests.

The next piece of our New Year's Eve centerpiece puzzle was the perfect vessel to house the marimo. We chose old-school apothecary-style reagent bottles. They look awesome in a variety of sizes, and since they're traditionally used to house herbs and other medicinals, it's our nod to bringing good health to the new year.

For the last element in our New Year's Eve centerpiece, we wanted to find something to add a bit of shine, a pop of color, and positive energy. Adding crystals such as amethyst, quartz and pyrite to the display proved just the ticket. These crystals are known for their healing, purifying properties. Even if you don't necessarily believe in the healing powers of crystals, having them around the home is an easy way to concentrate your positive energy and intentions-- and to spread this to your guests.

Want to learn more about the process? Check check out more pictures and info about our New Year's Eve centerpiece display on the Oregonian.

Past centerpieces included a Thanksgiving DIY Centerpiece with copper and edibles, and a Holiday Centerpiece of Japanese kokedama with handmade ceramic dishes.

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year and a healthy, happy transition into 2016! What do you have on your table this year? Share with us in the comments!

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