The Pistils Nursery team is made up of a multi-talented group of gardeners, designers and makers. 

Mégan | Owner, Designer


Raised-up in Boise, Idaho, Mégan has an abiding passion for the Western frontier and all things nature. She has the heart of a cowgirl and the soul of a gardener. And although she loves living in Portland and running her small, mom-and-pop business here, she would almost always rather be riding horses on the range… especially painted ponies.

Jesse | Brand Development

Jesse joined the Pistils Nursery team in the summer of ’13. In addition to managing Pistils’ web shop, he helps solve tech problems for the nursery and design teams, writes the Pistils blog, and serves as the nursery’s in-house photographer. When not at Pistils, you can find him playing classical piano, working in his garden or cooking a lavish meal.

Ariana | General Manager


Ariana’s love of plants grew from a college botany course in Santa Cruz, CA. At Pistils, she tracks down the most unique indoor plants from local growers and sources an array of pottery and planters for the nursery. In her spare time, she’s likely practicing on the ceramics wheel and studying ballet.

Camille | Events Coordinator

Camille’s education with plants started on the rooftop gardens and city farms of Brooklyn, New York. In 2013, her passion for urban agriculture brought her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she spent a season working on a community based permaculture project. Camille is always drawing from her background in fashion design and looks to make gardens beautiful, as well as functional. When she’s not in the garden, she’s likely making music or painting and hanging around with her house mate’s cat, Snugs.

Stacey | Shipping Lead


Growing up in Northern California, Stacey nurtured a deep affinity for plants while surrounded by misty redwoods and giant sequoias. After living in four cities over the past four years, Stacey has finally found her home in Portland, inspired to stay by its passionate community of urban gardeners and craftspeople. Now, at Pistils Nursery, she spends her days learning and sharing knowledge about bringing plant life into the home and creating vibrant space.

Chris | Outdoor Lead

chris-teamChris lives in North Portland and is a Northwest native. She’s been playing in gardens since she was a little girl along side her dad, who taught her all the tricks. She’s made a long career out of her love of plants and takes great pleasure in helping others create their own gardens. In her spare time when she’s not gardening, she’s playing with her grandchildren and taking in some of Portland’s great local music with her husband.

Stephanie | Office Manager


Stephanie joined the Pistils family in the fall of 2013 and has a passion for numbers and keeping things organized. When not at Pistils you can find Stephanie with her husband and two boys at their home in North Portland or taking pictures with her Nikon camera.

Haley | Sales Associate

Haley grew up loving plants but it’s really only been in the past 4 years or so that a deeper understanding and now obsession has taken root. She is self taught through books, nerdy online plant forums, her own trial-and-error, and more importantly through picking the brains of other more experienced plant lovers. She now considers it a hobby just as much as her job to share and help others discover and appreciate the world of all things plants.

Chloe | Sales Associate

Chloe was an Oregon Coast baby of the 70’s. Gazing up through mossy branches, thrilling at small creatures, pretending to be a mermaid- she developed an infinite love of the wild. She’s lived in dozens of interesting and beautiful places along the Pacific Coast and around the world. She settled in Portland 17 years ago and has been working with plants ever since: through educational outreach, at nurseries, and for nearly a decade as a floral designer. Besides gardening, she enjoys reading, creating art, and cuddling with her family and pets.

Cate | Sales Associate

Cate flirted with plants as a child, helping her mother and grandmother in their respective gardens along the West Coast, but found her place among verdant life when she took up the job of a farm-hand in Northwest Washington to pay for her college education. She is a trained illustrator, holding a BFA in illustration and design, but found her second calling in the fields and greenhouses. She wants nothing more than to share her enthusiasm and to help others discover a love for all things green and vivacious. She can be found running in the sun, biking around, or cooking up something tasty when not working with plants or drawing them. You can see more of her illustrative work at:


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