Scenes from the Solarium: Portland’s Newest Tropical Plant Oasis

Posted on Mar 11, 2016

We’re so excited to share with you that after many months of construction, our Solarium expansion is now open! The Solarium was designed to be a tropical oasis; a warm, humid respite from Portland’s gray winters and a sunny, succulent enclave during our blue-skied summers.

We’ve dedicated hundreds of hours tracking down rare, exotic and hard to find specimens so that whether you’re just starting your indoor garden, or you’re a dedicated plant geek, we know you’ll find something you love in the new space.

The Solarium at Pistils Nursery

This week, we’ve launched a new hashtag, #SolariumScenes to share photos of the new space. We hope this will allow people from all over the world get a glimpse of the new space.

We hope you enjoy these scenes of our new Solarium. New images update in realtime, so check back soon for more! If you visit the shop, don’t forget to share your #SolariumScenes on Instagram, and your photo will be added to the stream.

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