Hoping your loved ones bring you something green this holiday season? It’s no secret that houseplants make fabulous holiday gifts, and there’s a green gift to give for each of your loves.

But a love for houseplants goes far beyond the potted plant, and that’s why we are excited to share with you this year’s houseplant holiday gift guide. You will find twelve inspiring themes spanning a variety of plants, accessories, and lifestyles in a wide range of prices. From all of us at Pistils, here’s wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

The Best Houseplant Gifts: A Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

First Day of Plant Love: Holiday Cheer

For that love of yours that is baking cookies for everyone and playing holiday music just a tad too early in the year; the best houseplant gift may be well some some seasonal plant cheer.

  • Norfolk Island Pine - Araucaria heterophylla: Bring the seasonal charm of a coniferous forest inside with this festive indoor island tree.
  • Paperwhite Forcing Kit: Bring the gift of a holiday tradition with Amaryllis and Paper White flower bulbs. They are sure to delight in the seasonal magic of watching these grow and bloom over the season.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Second Day of Plant Love: All Things Propagation

For that love of yours that has every inch of their home filled with houseplants and jars of growing leaves. These gifts are a unique surprise to help them grow and share their collection.

  • Spread Cheer Gift Box: This set contains everything needed to easily turn one houseplant into many through the art of propagation, and even includes a plant cutting to get you started. Give your new plant babies to friends and family, or simply grow your collection – the possibilities are limitless!

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Third Day of Plant Love: Rarities

For that love of yours constantly searching for something unique and new to add to their collection, the best houseplant gifts are plants that are beautiful and a little less common.

  • Monstera adansonii - Swiss Cheese Vine: This easy going vining aroid is sure to turn heads in your home with its delicate and fenestrated foliage. A must-have for any houseplant collection.
  • Ficus ‘Audrey’: this tree grows to mammoth proportions in the wild. In your home, it’s the perfect specimen with bright green leaves on white-grey trunks.
  • Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’: This lovely Alocasia speaks for itself with its dark velvet leaves. It is no surprise this special plant is referred to as one of the “Jewel Alocasias”.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Fourth Day of Plant Love: Ferns!

For that love of yours that is very fond of fronds. Ferns and their delicate leaves bring a sense of ancient magic into any home. A perfect gift for that plant parent that likes to de-stress with frequent watering and the occasional plant misting. Our favorites include:

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Fifth Day of Plant Love: Pottery!

For that love of yours that is in constant search for beautiful pottery to rehome their plants. A sure way to win a plant parent’s heart is with a lovely new piece of pottery to accompany their houseplant. What is most treasured in our hearts is our very own pottery line handmade here in Portland, and named after the founder of Pistils’ two children, Leo and Coco. In a variety of colors and sizes this pottery is a special gift from our family to yours.

  • Leo Planter: Inspired by the shapes in midcentury design, Leo is a bold and modern planter sure to elevate houseplants of all sorts.
  • Coco Planter: Elegant and architectural the Coco planter adds a whimsical and sophisticated style to your collection.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Sixth day of Plant Love: Décor

For that love of yours that has an artistic eye and is attentive to detail in their #InteriorRewilding. They are sure to deck the halls with these decorative green treasures.

  • Burlap Staghorn Fern: A cozy and unique living piece of artwork for coffee and plant afficiantos alike.
  • Lunar Calendar:  Portland art duo The Far Woods create these limited edition lunar calendars each year to keep us in tune with the natural world.
  • Pocket Aerium: A perfect way to add a little green to any wall space. A little living world for air plants to inhabit and grow.
  • Indoor Green: Mr Kitly's Bree Claffey explores plant-filled spaces around the world, documenting them in beautiful photography and in conversations with the people who inhabit them. The result is as much an art book as an inspiring guide to filling your space with plants and coexisting harmoniously with them.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Seventh Day of Plant Love: Hoyas!

For that love of yours that will just not stop talking about how much they love Hoyas. Once you have a Hoya it starts to become a collection of its own and we understand why. Each is unique, beautiful, and often surprising us with blooms. Here are some Hoyas you can’t go wrong getting for any Hoya collector.

  • Hoya Cork Mount: What’s better than a Hoya mounted on natural cork?
  • Hoya Kokedama: Floating or set in a small dish, Hoya Kokedama make a splash.
  • Hoya ‘Krimson Queen’: For lovers of variegation, it’s hard to beat the pink and creamy white hues of this queen.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Eight Day of Plant Love: Oddities

For that love of yours that thrills in all botanical curiosities. These oddities houseplants are sure to be a win.

  • Tillandsia Air Plants: Air plants are so fascinating because they don’t require soil. These tree dwelling plants add lovely color and shape to any shelf or tabletop.
  • Marimo Moon Vase Set: These spherical aquatic oddities come with a fascinating Japanese folklore telling of two lovers who desired nothing more than to be together. When their love was forbidden, they jumped into a lake and their hearts transformed into the Marimo. It is said that gifting a Marimo will bring your heart’s desire.
  • Open Hearts Gift Box: The resurrection plant otherwise known as “Rose of Jericho” is a peculiar little plant that lies dormant until it is met with water, when it slowly unfurls and comes back to life. We've hidden a crystal in side, and paired it with The Little Book of Crystals to open the recipient's heart.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Ninth Day of Plant Love: DIY Plant Projects

For that love of yours that loves being hands on with home projects. The Do-It Yourself kits have everything you need to build your own treasure. A gift that your loved ones can enjoy as they create along with us these unique plant projects.

  • DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit: Create the perfect hanging home for your houseplant with this easy to build macramé plant hanger kit from our friends and neighbors Modern Macrame.
  • Kokedama Kit: Get your hands dirty with this traditional bonsai practice of creating a kokedama. Otherwise known as hanging gardens these are sure to bring joy to their creator.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Tenth Day of Plant Love: Dreaming of White-Leaf Variegation

For that love of yours that has fallen for variegated houseplants and their stunning white streaked leaves. Here we have listed a few of our many favorites in this houseplant trend.

The Best Houseplant Gifts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Eleventh Day of Plant Love: A Little Something Special

For that love of yours that is always a challenge to find the perfect gift for. Here are some little wonderful things that would pair well with a Pistils Gift Card. Let your loved one pick out their own gift while also surprising them with a little something nice.

  • The Little Book of Cacti and Succulents: The Little Book by Emma Sibley is a simple and stylish guide to the identification, care and maintenance of 60 of the most popular arid plants.
  • Pistils Tote: Who doesn’t love a good tote bag? Ours is made with sustainable cotton and printed with our original illustration of five favorite plants.
  • Glass Plant Mister: An essential piece to any plant maintenance routine.

Best Houseplant GIfts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

Twelfth Day of Plant Love: Something Sentimental

For that love of yours who needs a little boost during these challenging times. We've gathered together handmade goods that have given us comfort, helped us feel resilient, and fueled our love for plants, and are so excited to share them with you.

  • Be Well Gift Box - This set contains all the loving touches needed to stay safe, relax, and treat the recipient to a bit of luxurious self care. And of course, a special plant to put on the windowsill as a reminder that despite it all, we keep on growing and finding our light.

Best Houseplant GIfts - A Houseplant Holiday Gift Guide - Pistils Nursery

We hope this houseplant holiday gift guide has provided you with some inspiration this holiday season. Whether you are staying in or traveling far, may this time be safe and filled with all things green for all of you. Cheers to this happy new year!

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By: Bee Oxford

November 25, 2020 — Pistils Nursery

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