Green has been our favorite color for a long, long time. Whatever the shade, whether warm or cool, the color green contains an inherent connection to the natural world and helps us feel grounded and relaxed. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that Pantone chose “Greenery” as it’s color of the year for 2017. But with so many shades of green in the plant world, what are some of the best greenery houseplants to match Pantone’s forecast?

Before we get there, some background: Pantone is a company responsible for the widely used Pantone Color Matching System, which helps standardize the many color used in the print world and other industries. Each year, Pantone chooses a color of the year, which forecasts (and sets) color trends in a wide range of industries, from print, to web design to fashion. This year, Pantone’s choice is a shade they’ve called Greenery. Check out the swatch – looks a lot like your favorite indoor plant, right?

We couldn’t be more excited about Pantone’s choice, as it encapsulates what we’ve been saying for ages: a little bit of green goes a long way. According to Pantone, they chose this color because it is “life affirming, refreshing and revitalizing.” Omnipresent in the background, “Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront.”

Here are 10 indoor plants to help you bring some literal greenery into your home. We hope these suggestions help you find solace in nature and steer you towards new beginnings in 2017

The Greenery Houseplant: 10 Perfect Plant Picks

  1. Philodendron cordatum ‘Lemon Lime’
    This trailing beauty has leaves that emerge a vibrant pink and change to a bright, lime-green color as they grow. A perfect pop of bright green energy.

  2. Hatiora salicornioides
    Also called “Drunkard’s Dream Cactus,” this easy-to-care-for jungle cactus has bone / bottle-shaped segments that are a rich, bright-green color. The unique growing form makes this plant a staff favorite, an ideal Greenery houseplant.

  3. Tree Fern
    We can’t get enough of Tree Ferns (we have an entire blog post dedicated to the different species, their growth habits and care). And happily, these massive plants produce beautiful feathery fronds that are exactly “Greenery” in color. Score!

  4. Schefflera ‘Amate Soliel’
    This gorgeous houseplant is actually a tree that grows quite large in its native environment. A cousin of the more common small-leafed Schefflera, this species has larger, umbrella-like leaves that are a beautiful shade of bright green. Perfect for that tall spot in your home that you want to fill with Greenery houseplant goodness.

  5. Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium ‘nidus’)
    Big, arching, bright green fronds shooting up from the base of the plant, with a round, nest-like growth form. What’s not to love? Plus, these ferns make excellent kokedama – plants that have been bound in moss to form a sort of indoor-bonsai. The moss is bright green too – a Greenery win-win.

  6. String Of Pearls
    This member of the Senecio genus is notoriously difficult to care for, but if you have the light and know how to water “from the bottom,” this incredible succulent creates a literal beaded curtain of “Greenery.” The tiny orange flowers are just an added bonus!

  7. Tillandsia Xerographica
    In case you don’t have room for a big houseplant, air plants are always an appealing option, since they can be simply set on a shelf, tabletop or in an aerium. The Tillandsia Xerographica is often called the “king of the air plants” because of its formidable size and structure. It reads especially “Greenery” just after watering.

  8. Bird of Paradise
    Got a lot of space? A lot of light? Want to be transported to a tropical island? Look no further than the Bird of Paradise. Large, paddle-shaped leaves shoot up dramatically on thick stems, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the eponymous flowers. This Greenery houseplant actually makes a cameo appearance in Pantone’s video introduction to the hue.

  9. Anthurium veitchii
    No favorite plant list could be complete without a member of the Anthurium genus, and the veitchii (aka King Anthurium) just so happens to perfectly match pantone’s Greenery. We love its ruffled leaves that grow longer and longer as the plant matures. Grab one of our Anthurium veitchii plantlets to watch the transformation happen from start to finish!

  10. Jade Tree
    Last but certainly not least, the Jade tree. This succulent plant lives forever, growing a thick woody trunk over time. In the right light conditions, the plump, ovate leaves are a just-so shade of Greenery, edged with pink. Perfection.

How have you brought Greenery (whether Pantone’s shade or your own personal favorite) into your home? Do you agree that 2017 will be the year of Greenery? What’s your favorite Greenery houseplant? Share with us in the comments!

January 04, 2016 — Pistils Nursery


Sandra said:

Would larger ‘Air Plants’ do well in a Las Vegas apt?

Sandra said:

I live in Las Vegas and I am looking for a ‘statment’ plant. I have a window with shaded light in the morning and indirect light the remainder of the day. Would a Paradise Plant do well in this location? I love the striking appearance of these in decorating magazines. I keep my apt temperature between 74 and 77 degrees. I am also interested in small succlents for indoors and possibly outdoors. It gets cold here (32 degrees the past few mornings) then up to 110-115 in the summer. I an not apposed to moving them in and out of my apt as the weather changes. I receive some direct sun early in the morning up until 10am during the winter and about the same during the summer. Any suggestions r gteatly appreciated.

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