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Organic Potting Mix

$ 5.00

Our organic potting mix is the perfect medium for all of your houseplants. Containing a mixture of horticultural-grade vermiculite, peat moss, bark, compost, worm castings, perlite, pumice and organic grade fertilizer, this soil provides moderate drainage and good moisture retention.

Repotting will give your plants a gentle nutrient boost, as the soil includes a light fertilizer with a N-P-K ratio of .05-0-0. For a quick succulent/cactus soil blend, try mixing 50:50 soil to pumice.

Each bag contains 1 qt potting mix, unsettled – approximately enough to pot up two 4" plants or one 6" plant (depending on container size). Ships in a biodegradable bag.

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Cristina S.
United States United States

Used all of it to pot one of my pothos! We'll see how it flourishes in the future, but right now she looks great!

Megan M.
United States United States
Great mix

Great mix, shipped fast!

Megan S.
United States United States
Anything Pistils=Quality

I cannot thank Pistils enough, this wonderful company is as trustworthy as they come! Everything I have ordered from them, including this wonderful potting mix, has been A+ and then some! You can just see how much effort and care is put forth in everything they do, and it truly shows in their products and customer service! I hope and pray this company begins to BOOM because if anyone deserves a huge multi-million dollar business- its Pistils!! On the fence about this potting mix?? DON'T BE! I was using Happy Frog organic mix, the ocean one I forget the actual name but it got all moldy every single time I put it into a pot. The mix in the bag wasn't moldy but every single time I went to use it in a planter, mold. This mix not only took care of that problem, but my plants perked up and one even sprouted a baby within 3 days of changing to Pistils Potting Mix!! All of my plants love it-> even the finicky ones, Much Love to Pistils, Megan Styles, a grateful Plant Mom who LOVES AND ADORES Pistils Nursery

Pistils Nursery Organic Potting Mix Review