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Pumice a porous, lightweight volcanic rock. It's frequently used in soil mixes to allow airflow around plant roots, increase the drainage speed and loosen heavy potting mixes. For this reason, pumice makes an especially useful soil additive when potting drought tolerant plants like succulents and cacti. Alternately, adding a decorative layer to the top of your pots makes for an attractive, minimalistic top-dressing. 

Pumice is safe to use with all houseplants, and can simply be mixed into soil or other potting mediums as necessary. For a quick succulent/cactus soil blend, try mixing 50:50 soil to pumice.

Each bag contains approx. 1 qt pumice. Ships in a biodegradable bag.  

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Better than Expected

In addition to the better-than-expexted quality of the pumice and activated charcoal I ordered, the plants purchased arrive in sublime condition. As a houseplant addict, I've ordered too many plants to count, and mostly online (because, you know... Covid), and I've never received plants so thoroughly packaged. They arrived in truly perfect shape, and I immediately placed a second order. Definitely a customer for life! Thank you, Pistils!

Pistils Nursery Pumice ReviewPistils Nursery Pumice ReviewPistils Nursery Pumice Review
Maia J.
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the quality is great, and it’s a good amount of pumice for mixing with the bag of orchid bark and repotting a couple of my orchids

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Best I’ve Tried

Beautiful pumice: very big, chunky pieces. Works great in my aroid mix.