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Introduction to Aroids: Online Workshop

$ 15.00

Aroid fever: you've either already got it, or soon will after discovering the diverse array of beautiful foliage (and flowers) in this precious plant family. Aroids are members of the Araceae family and include many of our most classic houseplants – like Heart Leaf Philodendron and Golden Pothos – as well as some of the most rare and exotic – like Philodendron 'Pink Princess', Anthurium clarinervium, Monstera 'Thai Constellation' and Alocasia cuprea.

This detailed online workshop will introduce you to aroid care and collection to help you better understand this fascinating family. Topics include:

• Background and taxonomy
• General care requirements
• How to get mature foliage development
• Spotlight on Philodendron, Anthurium and Alocasia
• Troubleshooting common problems

• Understanding aroid pricing (and how to spot a good deal)
• And more!

Online Workshop Details

This is a online workshop that will be conducted through Zoom video conferencing. Class starts with a 30-45 minute presentation, and ends with a Q&A. All questions and experience levels welcome! Tickets are limited, so we encourage you to sign up soon. 

To be ready for class, be sure to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet or phone, and a reliable internet connection. You will receive a link to join the conference by email before the workshop.

Got questions? Check out our Online Workshop FAQ