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Epipremnum Cork Mount

$ 48.00

To make our Epipremnum Cork Mounts, we mount these vining tropicals on natural cork using bright green sphagnum moss, creating lush and lightweight wall-hanging pieces. Perfect for small space living, each of our Epipremnum cork mounts are fit with a hook that allows them to be easily hung anywhere in the home. We select from various cultivars of Epipremnum aureum, a vigorous vine also called by its common name, the Pothos plant, known for its ease of care and varied leaf colors and patterns. 


• Light: Tolerant of low light, but thrives in medium to bright, indirect light
• Water: When soil at base of plant feels barely moist, submerge entire mount in room temperature water until fully saturated
• Considerations: Clip back long vines to promote a bushier growth habit. Cuttings can be easily propagated!


We'll make your Epipremnum Cork Mount to order, choosing from our diverse collection of Epipremnum aureum cultivars to match the organic shape of the cork. 

The longest dimension measures about 7"-10". No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality - expect this natural variation from the photos, and feel free to include any preferences with your order.

Our Plant Craft pieces include detailed care instructions. We include shipping box warmers at no charge as needed. Got questions? Check out our FAQ!