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Aerium Supply Kit

$ 6.50

Ready to put together your own Aerium? Our Aerium Supply Kit is just the thing for those with the DIY spirit. Aeriums are the ideal way display small Tillandsia, botanical curiosities also called "air plants" because they need no soil and absorb moisture through their foliage. 

Our Aerium Supply Kit contains a carefully curated selection of natural substrates, allowing those looking to put together something a bit more custom to pick out their own plant and glass separately (or use supplies you already have around the house)! Please note, this kit does not contain an air plant or a glass vessel.

Supply Kit Contents

• Sand (may be tan, black, brown or red)
• Natural pebbles (assorted colors and sizes)
• Natural decoratives (twigs, lichen and/or moss)
• Detailed instructions for Aerium assembly and care

What to Expect

We'll choose from our vast assortment of aerium supplies; no two kits are identical, and the exact substrates you receive will vary from the photos; please expect this variation.

This kit is available in three sizes based on the diameter of the vessel you intend to use for your aerium, and we portion the materials accordingly.

• Small: for 1-2" diameter vessel
• Medium: for 2-3" diameter vessel
• Large: for 3-4" diameter vessel

    To complete your project, please choose from our Tillandsia and Glass selections.