Fantastic Foliage 3-in-1 Concentrate Starter Kit

$ 32.00

Fantastic Foliage's 3-in-1 Concentrate helps your houseplants in three ways:

  1. Shining, Cleaning, and Dusting your houseplants' leaves
  2. Preventing Pests with the addition of castile soap, neem oil, and other essential oils
  3. Fertilizing plants through a gentle foliar feed

Did you know plants absorb some nutrients directly through their leaves? The gentle fertilizer in this product is perfect to provide nutrition to your plant, while also cleaning the leaves and keeping pests like spider mites and mealy bugs away.

Not recommended for plants with sensitive leaf tissue like Rex Begonias or leaves with trichomes like Staghorn Ferns.

Kit contains 0.5oz of 3-in-1 Concentrate, a gorgeous apothecary glass Spray Bottle, and an all-natural bamboo fiber Reusable Wipe.