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Good Dirt Plant Biotics

$ 15.00

Good Dirt Plant Biotics contains a complex mixture of microbes essential to building and maintaining healthy, living soil. Different than houseplant fertilizer which provides the plant with macronutrients, the microorganisms in Plant Biotics feed the soil itself. This helps increase the plant's natural immunity, increases its ability to absorb nutrients, minimizes shock after transplanting, and stimulates root development. Adapting to a new environment can be quite stressful for your plants, and a light dusting of Plant Biotics will increase tolerance to environmental stress

The bottle is fitted with a shaker to make Plant Biotics simple to apply - just apply a light dusting to the top of the soil, and water as usual, reapplying every 4-6 weeks.

6oz bottle treats approximately 600 square feet.

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Rebekah B.
United States

Excellent Boost of Energy for Your Plant Friends!

As I haven’t been fertilizing plants during fall and winter, I wanted to get something to give them a little boost. Both of my ZZ plants have already grown about an inch since the first dusting of Plant Biotics about a week ago!

Candice W.
United States United States

So far, so good...dirt

Used the plant biotics when repotting my lithops. They’re liking it so far! Excited to see how my other plants respond.

Candice W. verified customer review of Good Dirt Plant Biotics