Schlumbergera sp - Holiday Cactus

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Schlumbergera is a small genus of epiphytic cacti native to coastal Brazil. A quintessential holiday plant, these jungle cacti are famed for their showy blooms which appear like clockwork each holiday season – which is why members of the genus are broadly referred to as Christmas Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus. With some species blooming earlier, around Thanksgiving, and others a bit later at the winter holidays, Schlumbergera brings much needed warmth and color to the home as the seasons change.


 Light: Prefers bright, indirect light, but tolerates lower light
• Water: Drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry to the touch 
• Considerations: Schlumbergera produce flowers in cool temps with a short days. To initiate the production of flower buds in the fall, expose the plant for 16 hours of dark and 8 hours of light for at least 8 days. Pet friendly!


You'll get a healthy Holiday Cactus that meets our rigorous quality standards in a 4" nursery pot – terracotta pot sold separately. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own bloom color, unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos. Plants will be budded or already in bloom.

Our plants include detailed care instructions as well as our Houseplant Best Practices guide, with information on how to repot, seasonal care and more!

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