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Happy New Year! Get growing with one of our new Virtual Workshops!

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Plants in Glass - Pistils Nursery

Plants in Glass

To enclose a plant in a glass vessel is to create a tiny universe. These aeriums, terrariums and aquariums use natural materials such as sand, preserved moss, lichen and pebbles to express unique habitats. Assembled according to your artistic vision, each piece becomes a botanical curiosity entirely unique.
Apothecary Aerium - Air Plant Terrarium - Pistils Nursery DIY Kit

Apothecary Aerium

From $ 25.50
Pocket Aerium - Wall Hanging Tillandsia Terrarium - Pistils Nursery Air Plants

Pocket Aerium

$ 24.50
Hanging Aerium - Wren's nest with tillandsia air plant diy terrarium hanging art glass minimalism minimalist décor decor easy kit gift activity houseplant

Wren's Nest Hanging Aerium

$ 28.50