DIY Tillandsia Magnet Kit

$ 20.00

Make your own Magnetized Tillandsia Mounts using our DIY Tillandsia Magnet Kit! Bring life into every part of your home with these easy-growing air plant mounts! Our DIY Kit contains a whole creative experience to make 3 living pieces of art. Perfect for a refrigerator, bathroom, or any other room in the home, 

Supply Kit Contents

• 3 Tillandsia air plants
• 3pc Natural Cork Bark (approx. 2"-4")
• 3 Magnets
• Plant-safe Adhesive
• 3 Rubber Bands
• Detailed instructions and care

What to Expect

Our DIY Tillandsia Magnet Kit uses natural materials. Expect variation from the photos. We have a constantly rotating selection of Tillandsia species and each piece of cork bark is unique.