Marimo Moss Ball Apothecary Aquarium

$ 32.00

We'll provide everything you need to make your own beautiful marimo display. Featuring a marimo moss ball, an apothecary-style jar, and all the rocks needed to make the perfect set-up, this aquarium is a great way bring a bit of green into your space. Whether set on your study desk, bedroom dresser, or kitchen table, marimo are simple to care for and require only low-to-medium light and periodic water changes to thrive. These fascinating aquatic plants grow at a snail's pace and can live to be over 100 years old. Said to bring good luck to both giver and receiver, this aquarium makes a perfect addition to your indoor plant collection.

Glass size: 250ml / 2.5"W x 5.25"H

This product comes as a kit with detailed care and assembly instructions. Includes 1 Marimo moss ball (1" - 2" diameter), natural stone, and glass vessel. Additional moss balls sold separately.

Did you know it's normal for marimo not to be perfectly round? Be sure to agitate the water regularly to turn your marimo and promote spherical growth.


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