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Winter Houseplant Care: Online Workshop

Online Workshop!
$ 15.00

During the winter, indoor gardeners need to adapt their houseplant care regimen to accommodate shorter days, cooler temperatures, and dry air from heaters and fireplaces. Though your plants may be dormant, they can continue to thrive through the cold months with appropriate adjustments.

Join us for our Winter Houseplant Care workshop, part of our Year in Houseplants series, to learn exactly what you can do to keep your plants thriving through winter.

Topics we'll cover include:

• Heaters, fireplaces and humidity
• Understanding your light
• How to water during winter

• What not to do to houseplants during the winter
• & more!

Online Workshop Details

This is an online workshop that will be conducted through Zoom video conferencing. Class starts with a 30-45 minute presentation, and ends with a Q&A. All questions and experience levels welcome! Tickets are limited, so we encourage you to sign up soon. 

To be ready for class, be sure to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet or phone, and a reliable internet connection. You will receive a link to join the conference by email before the workshop.

Got questions? Check out our Online Workshop FAQ