Flora and Fauna at Pistils NurseryFrom the beginning, our aim has been to create a garden shop unlike any other in Portland, Oregon. Our nursery contain a carefully selected collection of flora, like hardy natives, ornamental perennials, trees, shrubs, and organic veggie starts to add life and color to your landscape.


Offering a distinctive selection of plants that perform well in our unique Pacific Northwest climate and expert advice for their care and maintenance is the heart-and-soul of the Pistils Nursery vision.

From tried and true perennials, to hardy natives and gorgeous ornamentals, our outdoor nursery appeals to amateur gardeners and connoisseurs alike. As our climate affords us the ability to grow food nearly all year-round, we also offer a wide array of edibles — vegetable starts and seeds, bare root stock, fruits trees and more. We show our support for local farms and growers by sourcing the vast majority of our plants from a carefully selected group Willamette Valley nurseries.

We carry vegetable, herb and flower seeds with a focus on organic and heirloom varieties, plus bulbs and cover crops. In addition to bags of soil and compost, several soil blends and basic soil amendments are available by the scoop in our bulk bins to ensure the success of your new plants. Our limited line of specialty garden tools–such as Hori Hori knives, brass plant misters, and Felco tools–help you cultivate and maintain your new plants.


Visit our flock of exotic bantam chickens, and chat with our landscape design team about the Pistils Metro Coop, recently honored on Houzz. We no longer offer baby chicks for sale, but our flock continues to roam the nursery yard most mornings.

Looking for additional advice and resources on the subject of animal husbandry? Stop into the shop, or check out our favorite resources. Please note, we no longer carry Red Wriggler worms. If you need worms for your garden, we recommend this local vendor.

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