Aeschynanthus longicaulis - Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant

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Aeschynanthus longicaulis is an epiphytic vining gesneriad, grown for its beautifully colored, semi-succulent foliage and yellow-orange blooms. The leaves are dark with electric green patterning, and the undersides of the leaves often have dark red or purple patterning, giving this plant it's nickname, Tiger Lipstick. Though these Lipstick Plants are in the same family as African Violets, their trailing vines make them more similar in care and appearance to Hoyas.


 Light: Perfect for medium, indirect light
• Water: Water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry to the touch 
• Considerations: Use a well-draining soil, and select a planter with drainage. Pet friendly!


You'll get a healthy Aeschynanthus longicaulis that meets our rigorous quality standards in your choice of a 4" or 6" nursery pot. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos.

Our plants include detailed care instructions as well as our Houseplant Best Practices guide, with information on how to repot, seasonal care and more!

We include shipping box warmers at no charge as needed. Got questions? Check out our FAQ!


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