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Burlap Pot-Cover Kit

$ 2.50

This kit is the perfect option to spruce up a 4" nursery pot, to use as a gift wrap, or to highlight one of the plants in your home. Follow these easy steps to make any plant a holiday centerpiece:

  1. Open the parcel and spread the burlap print-side down to display the pattern, or print-side up to hide it.
  2. Place potted plant in the plastic saucer. Center them on the burlap.
  3. Gather the burlap up around the pot, and tie the twine either just above or below the rim of the nursery pot.
  4. Cut away extra burlap from above the tied twine.


This kit includes a plastic saucer to hold a 4" nursery pot, a piece of burlap (one side plain, one side printed), and a piece of twine.

*We are unable to send a plant with the burlap already on any plant. To ensure the safety of the plant, the burlap wrap kit ships separately.*