Caladium 'Pink Beauty' Bulb

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Caladium 'Pink Beauty' is a fast-growing tropical aroid from South America that has beautiful heart-shaped leaves with vibrant coloration. This particular cultivar has green leaves with large splattery pink sections and dark pink veins. The youngest leaves of this plant start off mostly green, but each new leaf will have more vibrant pink coloration than the previous one.

The paperthin leaves are happiest with high humidity and heat, so we recommend growing them in a bright spot out of direct sun with other tropical plants nearby to increase the ambient humidity. Pebble trays are another great way to increase humidity around the plant.

In the wild, this plant experiences seasonal dryness. To keep Caladiums happy, we replicate their environment indoors by allowing the foliage to die back each fall. We withhold water as the days get shorter and store the dry bulbs until the following spring.

Although these plants are often grown outdoors in warmer climates, we love the pop of color they add to indoor spaces. Each spring, we get excited by the abstract pink designs on the leaves, and we're excited to offer these bulbs for you to grow!

Dormant tubers only sold in spring.

How to Grow

• Plant one bulb 1-2" deep in a 4" pot with a drainage hole using well-draining soil (or two to three bulbs in a 6" pot for a fuller appearance). The growth points (pointy, lumpy side) should face up.
•  Grow in bright, indirect light.
•  When new growth appears, water and fertilize regularly through the growing season. We water when the top 1-2" of soil is dry to the touch.
• Stop watering completely when the foliage starts to die back in late fall. Let the soil dry, trim off the dead leaf, and keep the pot dry until spring. Each year, the plant will come back bigger!

What to Expect

You'll get one (1) Caladium 'Pink Beauty' bulb ready to plant! Each bulb is between 1.5" and 2.5". Includes detailed care instructions. 

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