Dendrobium farmeri - Farmer's Dendrobium

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Dendrobium farmeri is one of the most favorite Denbrodiums for collectors because of the plant's amazing blooms. Pale lilac blooms with deep yellow centers cascade down from the plant's canes, even the leafless ones! The four-sided canes are sometimes yellow-ish, but are still viable to produce flowers.


• Light: Bright, indirect light.
• Water: Prefers to stay lightly moist year round with frequent waterings (every 1-2 days in the summer), and with less frequency in the winter (every 3-7 days). Water with heavy misting or soaking in a basin of water for about a minute.
• Considerations: This orchid prefers a slightly drier winter (January through March). During this time, water when moss feels dry to the touch. While the plant is pushing out new growth and during warmer summer months, keep the moss lightly moist. Protect from cold.


Each mount measures approximately 11" long with a heavy wire hanger. No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality - expect this natural variation from the photos. 

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