Dendrochilum propinquum - Chain Orchid

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Dendrochilum propinquum is an orchid from the Philippines that will grow a chain of small, orangey pink blooms, cascading out of the pot. This plant is a fast grower, and after its late-winter bloom, the plant will double in size the next growing season. Instead of growing larger leaves, the plant will grow denser with more pseudobulbs and leaves.

This is an easy orchid for beginners and will bloom reliably if not allowed to dry out for too long. The chain of tiny flowers adds a plume of color wherever you decide to grow this plant.


 Light: Medium to bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can harm the plant.
• Water: In the summer this orchid wants to stay wet. You can leave it in a little dish of water through the hottest months as long as you're changing water in the reservoir. Through the winter, water when the top layer of substrate dries out, about 1-2 times per week.
• Considerations: Increased humidity can help induce blooms and new growth. In the spring and summer, a weekly low dose of fertilizer will keep this orchid growing healthy.


You'll get a healthy Dendrochilum propinquum that meets our rigorous quality standards in a 2.75" nursery pot. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos.

We include shipping box warmers at no charge as needed. Got questions? Check out our FAQ!