Fantastic Foliage 3-in-1 Leaf Wipes

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Fantastic Foliage has made a 3-in-1 wipe perfect for houseplants. The product acts as a Leaf Shine, a foliar fertilizer, and a preventative pest measure. The product contains a plant-safe soap, fertilizer, neem oil, and other essential oils to protect your plants and keep them looking amazing.

Did you know plants absorb some nutrients directly through their leaves? The gentle fertilizer in this product is perfect to provide nutrition to your plant, while also cleaning the leaves and keeping pests like spider mites and mealy bugs away.

These large, thick wipes are best used on plants with shiny or waxy leaves, like Monstera deliciosa, Philodendron hederaceum, and Hoya australis.

These wipes are intended to be used on multiple plants. Each bag contains 15 XL plant wipes.