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Glass Plant Mister

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This portable and sleek glass plant mister will quickly become an essential piece of your houseplant maintenance routine. Its mini sprayer is able to dispense a high volume of liquid in a fine, even mist, and is designed for comfortable, one handed operation. Whether used to create a humid environment for your tropicals, to apply foliar fertilizer, or to treat your plants with neem oil or safer soap, our glass plant mister is a perfect blend of form and function.

The frosted glass bottle holds 8oz. Mini trigger sprayer has locking button for safe storage without leaks.

Overall measurement 7.5" H x 2" W

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Debra Y.
United States United States
Cute little mister!

Small and compact mister. The glass body elevates its appearance. Produces a nice light mist. I use it to mist a moss pole and some ferns.

Debra Z.
United States United States
Really nice ergo mister :)

Okay, the frosted glass is aces, really pretty, but what about that trigger and nozzle? The very first time I picked it up and squeezed, I thought it may be too small for my hand, and I wear a medium garden glove, so I set it aside for awhile. Then, one day I reached for my go-to "vintage" (lol) mister from Amazon (don't judge; I'm still weaning), and the darn thing wouldn't pump. I grabbed the Pistils mister and immediately noticed a pleasant difference. I guess it just took a side-by-side comparison. Now, it's my preferred sprayer, and I need to get another! The mist is perfect, btw - a really good soft blast of droplets. Love it - and so do my Tillies!

Alix J.
United States United States
A Spray a Day Keeps the Squirrel At Bay

OK SO I have this neighbor who keeps dropping in unannounced. Like, literally, dropping smack down onto my balcony and banging on the glass door until I open it and hand him a walnut. He's a squirrel. A squirrel neighbor. Now obviously I brought this on myself, what with the walnut handouts and the plentiful seeds which drop down from my bird feeder, but in my defense there is a pandemic on and I don't get out much and I'm just happy to be making friends in whatever form they might present. So what's the problem, you ask? The problem is that this particular friend WILL NOT STOP chewing on one of the succulents on my balcony. The plant in question belongs to my partner, who does not appreciate seeing its leaves mutilated and covered in teeth marks like an antelope at a lion party. Why even? What do you get out of this, squirrel? There are plenty of other, better things upon which to gnaw, for example the equally-juicy ripe berries on the tree which is RIGHT THERE, or, um, I don't know, the WALNUTS which I BENEVOLENTLY HAND TO YOU UPON REQUEST. Anyway, the internet suggested that my friend might be averse to the smell of vinegar, and that I could spray this succulent down with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water which would deter the squirrel without harming the plant, so all I needed was a vehicle for this solution. Enter: Glass Plant Mister. In this late-stage-capitalist hellscape I am trying to avoid big box stores at all costs, so I did a quick internet search for the product I was after (actually some cork rounds to protect the furniture under my indoor plants, the mister was incidental, but we don't have to get into that), and picked the first retailer which didn't seem like an evil soulless megacorporation. My package arrived precisely two weeks later after a brief USPS detour, and boy was I glad to see it. Vinegar in, water in, click the little clicky thing so the spray would spray, and poof: all-natural squirrel repellant. I've been spritzing the plant down every morning ish, and so far squirrel-bro seems to be looking elsewhere for snacks, for example rooting around in the cactuses, which is fine probably? They seem like they can defend themselves at least. Who knows, maybe he'll eventually acquire a taste for vinegar or find a new way to make himself a nuisance, maybe I'll drop this petite and aesthetically pleasing mister on the concrete and it will shatter and I'll rue the day I was born, but for the time being I am pleased with my decision, I am glad to have invited that much less plastic into my home, and I will continue to unashamedly commit myself to a harmonious alliance between squirrel- and humankind, at least until things open back up and I can finally go into the office instead of staring out at my balcony all day. This product has proved instrumental in helping me mitigate the consequences of my own bad decision-making: five stars.

Pistils Nursery Glass Plant Mister ReviewPistils Nursery Glass Plant Mister Review