Slow-Release Fertilizer Packet

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Take your houseplant care to the next level with our Houseplant Fertilizer Packet. BGI GardenGain is an all-purpose granular plant food, a simple and low-effort solution for fertilizing your houseplants. Developed to support the long-term health of your plants, this granular fertilizer has a 15-7-13 N-P-K ratio and is packed with micronutrients, vital to growth and color. It slowly dissolves into the soil over time as you water, fertilizing your plant for up to 4 months! Because of this controlled release, you won't have to worry about burning the roots of your plants, a concern with a liquid fertilizer. This is the easiest way to provide your plants with nutrients!

Each eco-friendly houseplant fertilizer packet contains enough to feed one 10" plant or two to three 6" plants for 4 months. To use, work indicated amount evenly into surface soil of your plant, and water in thoroughly.

Net Weight: 40g