Kimnachia ramulosa - Red Mistletoe Cactus - 8" Pot

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Formerly classified as Rhipsalis, Pseudorhipsalis, Hatiora, Epiphyllum, Disocatus, and Cereus, this jungle cactus is one of our favorite examples of beautiful sun stress. In bright light, the paddle-shaped growths of the plant turn bright red. And with proper care, the plant will flower and produce bright white berries.

Since the plant is under the Rhipsalis umbrella, you can grow Kimnachi ramulosa like other succulent tropical epiphytes. They appreciate bright indirect or direct light and are sensitive to overwatering, especially in the winter.

Multiple plants available - yours may not be the one shown in the photo. The plants currently available are mostly green, but with bright summer sun they can "tan" to a bright red.

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