Maxillaria aff. subulata - Pine Needle Orchid

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This orchid species is potentially undescribed, but it looks most similar to Maxillaria subulata, giving it the designation "aff. subulata." The needle-like leaves of this orchid are stiff and succulent, and the pseudobulbs are deeply ridged. This plant grows wild in Brazil, and has small yellowish blooms with red centers.


• Light: Bright, indirect light. Some direct lightokay.
• Water: Prefers frequent waterings (every 1-2 days) in the summer, and slightly less frequent waterings (every 2-4 days) in the winter. Soak orchids in room-temperature water or run water over the roots until fully saturated.
• Considerations: This plant typically blooms in the spring and likes a warm environment.


Each mount measures approximately 5" x 3" with a heavy wire hook. No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality - expect this natural variation from the photos. 

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