Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva' - Paperwhite Bulb

$ 10.00
Bulbs Per Order

Also known as Paperwhites, Narcissus plants are closely related to Daffodils. But unlike garden bulbs, this Narcissus cultivar is best-suited for blooming in the home.  'Ziva' bulbs are fast-growing and have pure white blooms.

These winter-bloomers have a sweet, slightly spicy fragrance. Perfect for fighting off the winter blues, these flowers make great easy projects to brighten up the home.

For more information about blooming these bulbs indoors, read our journal entry.

These bulbs are only available early winter.

    Blooming Instructions

    • Narcissus bulbs don't need much more than water to bloom indoors. Bright indirect light will speed the process along.
    • To keep the plant's growth more compact and sturdy, add a few drops of alcohol to the water. (Vodka works great!)
     Alternatively, you can plant these bulbs in a pot so the bulb is just covered in well-draining soil. If potted, water when the top 1"-2" of soil has dried out.

    After-Bloom Care

    • When the flowers fade, let the bulb dry out and cut back any attached leaves or flower stems. 
    • Store dormant bulb in a cool, dark place until next year's blooming cycle.

    What to Expect

    You'll get healthy Narcissus bulbs in the amount you choose, 3 or 5 per order. Each bulb is about 2" in diameter and is packed in tissue to protect the new growth.