One-of-a-Kind Stoneware Planter

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Our One-of-a-Kind Stoneware Planters are handmade for Pistils by Sara Pilchman Ceramics in Long Beach, CA. Each miniature planter is thrown on the wheel by hand, and each pieces has a unique shape and glaze. Perfect for bonsai specimens, caudiciforms, arid plants, and anything that likes to be a little rootbound, these are some of our favorite miniature planters. We also love to use the vessels to display air plants!

Since no two pots are the same, we'll surprise you with an amazing combination of shape and color.


Each Stoneware Planter features a drainage hole. Since each planter is unique in shape and glaze, expect variation from the photos. This item is not eligible for return.

Approximate size: 2.2"-3.2"W x 2"-3"H 

Pictured with Fockea edulis, Adenium obesum, Microsorum 'Crocodyllus,' Hoya obovata, various air plants, cacti, and Rhipsalis species.