Paperwhite Blooming Kit

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Paperwhites are closely related to daffodils and prized for their beautiful, delicate flowers. We've selected one our favorite paperwhite cultivars, Narcissus 'Ziva,' for its pure white flowers and quick bloom time.

Forcing paperwhite bulbs is a timeless way to welcome the holiday season into your home. When bulbs are coaxed to bloom indoors, they're awakened from dormancy and prompted to produce beautiful plumes of fragrant flowers. Our kit makes this easy, providing a simple glass vase that cradles a single paperwhite bulb, already conditioned to bloom for you.

Simply (1) set the bulb in the top section of our cinched glass vase, (2) add water up to the neck of the piece, and (3) within a few days, roots and foliage will begin to grow. After a few weeks, the plants will produce strongly fragrant clusters of white flowers. To keep the growth more compact and sturdy, add a few drops of alcohol (vodka works great!) into the water.

Change the water every couple of weeks to keep the plant healthy. After the plant is done blooming, keep bulb in a cool dry place, and re-use next year!

Read our journal entry about these bulbs for more information.

What To Expect

Kit includes one (1) Narcissus 'Ziva' bulb and one (1) Cinched Bulb Vase, along with instructions for bulb forcing and care.

Vase measures 5.5" H x 4.75" W