Portable Humidifier

$ 26.00
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Any vessel can be your plant's new humidifier! Our ultrasonic atomizing Portable Humidifier is perfect for increasing humidity for your plants without having to deal with a large, hard-to-clean tank. The options are limitless! Just plug in the device, drop in the humidifier, and provide your plants with cool vapor, increasing humidity instantly.

Perfect for keeping Begonias, Calatheas, and velvet Aroids happy, place this humidifier in a mug, jar, or vase near your plant collection, plug it in, and see the difference for yourself.

Product measures approximately 8.5" long and contains a power cord and three replacement absorbent wicks.

Cinched vase sold separately. 

Plants pictured: Calathea 'Rosy,' Begonia 'Benitochiba,' and Maranta leuconeura var kerchoveana