Cube Propagation Vase

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Our Cube Propagation Vase is handmade from maple in Austin, Texas. Each wooden base is fitted to hold a single glass test tube, creating a simple vase that is ideal for cuttings. Whether you use it to root cuttings for plant propagation or simply to display a few cut flowers, the Cube Propagation Vase makes a lovely addition to your tabletop, counter or windowsill.  Pairs perfectly with our Tiered Propagation Vase.

Did you know that many of your favorite houseplants can be propagated by stem-tip or leaf cuttings? The next time you're pruning your indoor plants, slip a few cuttings into your Propagation Vase - if all goes well, you'll see roots developing within a few weeks. Here's how.


Stand measures 1.5" x 1.5"
Tube measures 6"

Does not include plant cutting.