Spring Cactus Kokedama

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Our Spring Cactus Kokedama brings festive blooms into the home to celebrate the arrival of Spring. With proper care, this classic houseplant provides showy blossoms around March or April--just the right pop of color to get you excited for Spring. We've bound the roots with bright green sphagnum moss to make them into Kokedama -- living sculptures inspired by Japanese bonsai. 

Spring Cacti, members of the Schlumbergera genus, grow as epiphytes on the branches of trees in their native environment in Brazil.


• Light: Medium to bright, indirect light
• Water: When kokedama is lightweight and dry to the touch, submerge entire mount in room temperature water until fully saturated. Reduce watering in winter.
• Considerations: These tropical cacti can rot if overwatered. Shriveled or flimsy leaves mean the plant is thirsty.


We'll make your Spring Cactus Kokedama to order, choosing from our diverse collection of Schlumbergera species and cultivars. No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and bloom color (including pink, yellow, orange, red, or white) - expect this natural variation from the photos.

Moss ball diameter is about 5"

Our Plant Craft pieces include detailed care instructions. We include shipping box warmers at no charge as needed. Got questions? Check out our FAQ!