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Stoneware Tiny Pot

$ 16.00

Our Stoneware Tiny Pots are custom made for Pistils by Sara Pilchman Ceramics in Long Beach, CA. Each miniature planter is thrown on the wheel by hand, and we selected these three unique shapes and glazes for their appealing size, warm hues and versatility. Each Stoneware Tiny Pot looks simply adorable on a windowsill or next to your desk, and work even better as a trio!


Each Stoneware Tiny Pot features a drainage hole.

Cup: approx. 2.5"H x 2-2.5"W
Ripple: approx. 2.5-3"H x 2.5-3"W (opening), 1.25-1.5"W (base)
Orb: approx. 2"H, 1.5-2"W (opening) , 2.5-3"W (overall)

This is a handmade product; some variation in size, shape and glazing is to be expected.