DIY Terrarium Kit

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Ready to put together your own Terrarium? Our Terrarium Supply Kit is just the thing for those with the DIY spirit. Terrariums allow you to create a miniature landscape by grouping plants together in a glass vessel. When it comes to styling and displaying your Terrarium, there is no end to the creative possibilities.

Our Terrarium Supply Kit contains a carefully curated selection of natural substrates and decorative elements, allowing those looking to put together something a bit more custom to pick out their own plants and glass separately (or use supplies you already have around the house)! Please note, this kit does not contain plants or a glass vessel.


• Activated charcoal
• Succulent soil
• Sand (may be tan, black, brown or red)
• Natural pebbles (assorted colors and sizes)
• Natural decoratives (twigs, lichen and/or moss)
• Detailed instructions for Terrarium assembly and care

What to Expect

We'll choose from our vast assortment of terrarium supplies; no two kits are identical, and the exact substrates you receive will vary from the photos; please expect this variation. 

    These supplies are portioned to create one terrarium in a ~5-7" diameter vessel. Larger vessels may require multiple kits.

    To complete your project, please choose from our Plant and Glass selections (coming soon!).