Thaumatophyllum spruceanum - Fun Bun

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Thaumatophyllum spruceanum, formerly Philodendron goeldii or Philodendron Fun Bun, is a beautiful self-heading aroid with drastically changing leaf morphology. Young leaves are triangular and resemble other aroids we love, like Thaumatophyllum 'Super Atom' or even Syngonium podophyllum. As leaves mature, they split into smaller leaflets. A fully mature specimen can grow huge rings of leaflets, completely different than its juvenile form! This aroid makes a beautiful statement plant or an interesting addition to a houseplant collection.


 Light: Medium to bright indirect light
• Water: Water when the top half of soil dries out
• Considerations: Choose a pot with drainage and decrease watering in winter


You'll get a healthy Thaumatophyllum spruceanum that meets our rigorous quality standards in a 4" nursery pot. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos. Because the morphology is so varied as this plant matures, we included photos of 3 different plants at different stages of maturity. We cannot guarantee what stage of maturity your plant will be.

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