Tillandsia seleriana - Hawk's Talon Air Plant

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Tillandsia seleriana is an air plant known for it's bulbous base. With one of the largest pseudobulbs of any Tillandsia, this plant is known to get wider instead of longer. Its fuzzy appearance makes it look similar to Tillandsia caput-medusae, but this plant's leaves stay more compact as it matures.


 Light: Bright, indirect light. Some direct light okay.
• Water: Give these plants a dunk in room-temperature water once a week and allow to dry fully with its crown pointed down to avoid rot.
• Considerations: Mist occasionally. The plant's large pseudobulb can trap water and lead to rot. Rot can be avoided by only dunking the plant in water instead of soaking it, allowing the plant to dry with its leaves pointed downward, and displaying the plant horizontally for a few days after watering.


You'll get a healthy Tillandsia seleriana that meets our rigorous quality standards. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos.

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