Pleione orchids are a great way to celebrate the magic of spring. Their bright and captivating blooms serve as a reminder that the cold, dark days of winter are nearly over. 

Often dubbed “Window Sill Orchids,” these SE Asian natives are versatile plants that can be grown in protected areas outside or indoors in a spot with plenty of light. 

Pleione orchid pink flower

These spring bloomers emerge early and can put out up to 3 flowers each, usually 3 to 4 inches across. After flowers are spent, each pseudobulb grows a single leaf that lasts all summer, going dormant for the cold winter months.

Pleione Orchid pink flower in pot houseplant

While in bloom, keep the orchid mostly dry. An occasional mist or surprise rain shouldn't ruin your orchid. After blooming, it's time to start watering.

While the plant has a leaf during the warmer months, you should strive to keep the soil evenly moist--not too soggy or bone dry. We also recommend using a gentle organic liquid fertilizer at a weak dilution through the spring and summer. This will ensure the best blooms the following spring.

Pleione orchid pink flower in nature close up

When the plant’s leaf starts to yellow: Stop watering completely. Let your pots dry out. The leaf will fall off the pseudobulb, and the pot should be stored in a cool environment where temperatures can approach freezing. A garage, cool pantry, or windowsill are great spots to keep the plant. This cool, dry dormancy is necessary to keep your plant happy and blooming year after year.

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Thank you, I enjoyed the Pleione Blog. Sounds like a good orchid to try.

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