Pistils Mississippi

3811 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227

(503) 288-4889

Open Every Day 
• 10am - 7pm


We're always happy to help with repotting projects, design advice, and custom plant creations. If you have larger project needs, please come in on weekdays to avoid wait times.

Accepted Payment Options

We accept cash, debit & credit cards, Pistils Gift Cards, and mobile payments.
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Our flagship store opened its doors in the heart of Mississippi District in 2001. One of the historic wayposts of "Old Portland," our flagship location has a cult following as a plant lover's travel destination.
Pistils Mississippi has a cozy plant-filled storefront, a Solarium full of leafy tropicals and specimen cacti, an outdoor area full of unusual and rewarding garden plants, and a flock of bantam hens. Every nook holds something new to discover, and every unturned leaf hides a secret.

Visit Historic Mississippi Avenue

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