Staghorn Fern Kokedama

$ 62.00

To make our Staghorn Fern Kokedama, we bind the roots of these fascinating epiphytic houseplants in sphagnum moss. Members of the Platycerium genus, Staghorn Ferns get their nickname from the antler-like fronds that jut out dramatically from the base of the plant, growing every longer and more split as the plant matures.

Simply translated, kokedama means "moss ball," and these pieces are our take on the traditional Japanese bonsai practice of the same name. Sometimes called string gardens, each piece can sit in a shallow dish or hang with the attached fishing line loop, making them lovely additions to any window or tabletop.


• Light: Bright, indirect light
• Water: When moss ball feels dry and lightweight, run under room temperature water until fully saturated.
• Considerations: Staghorn ferns love humidity. Mist your kokedama regularly. For more information, check out our Staghorn Care Guide.


You'll receive one (1) Staghorn Fern Kokedama made to order. No two pieces are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality - expect this natural variation from the photos. Moss ball measures about 5" - 6" in diameter.

Feel free to include any preferences with your order, and we'll do our best to accommodate.