DIY Kokedama Kit

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$ 28.00

Our Kokedama Kit contains everything you need to make your very own Kokedama at home, perfect for those with the DIY spirit. Kokedama is a traditional bonsai discipline in which the roots of a plant are bound into a spherical form with moss and clay. The Japanese word, Kokedama, translates to "moss ball," and the practice originated in Japan around the year 1600.

Kokedama, sometimes called "string gardens," are easy to care for and thrive indoors. To display, suspend or set in a shallow dish. The possibilities for creative display are endless, and they're great for small spaces.

Supply Kit Contents

• Oregon Sphagnum Moss
• Akedama Clay
• Lining cloth
• Nylon cord
• Twine
• Detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions for assembly and care
Optional: "Our Choice" 4" Tropical Plant

Contents are portioned to create one kokedama from a 4" plant. When complete, the moss ball will have a diameter of about 4-5".

What to Expect

To complete your kit, select the "Supplies + 4" Plant (Our Choice)" option and we'll personally choose one from our vast assortment of tropical plants and include it with your supplies.