We love the bold impact of a color garden, or a garden filled with a single, specific hue. One of our favorite types of color gardens is an all-black goth garden. Black leaves, black blooms, and velvety dark green accents create a moody, dramatic display. Here are some of our favorite mystical houseplant varieties to help you gain some inspiration for your own gothic garden.

Alocasia cuprea, Philodendron 'Black Cardinal,' Plerandra elegantissima, and Ficus elastica 'Burgundy'

Aeonium ‘Black Rose’

With its ease of care and funky floral look, Aeonium ‘Black Rose’ is a fabulous specimen for a gothic aesthetic. This succulent boasts rich black and purple leaves formed in a rose-like shape. 

Alocasia x amazonica

This eye-catching Alocasia sports large, toothy black leaves with contrasting white veins and margins. Perfect for fall, Alocasia x amazonica looks like a skeleton straight out of a Tim Burton film! 

Alocasia cuprea

Featuring black-and-red opalescent leaves, this otherworldly aroid is a fun and unique option for lovers of the Alocasia genus. 

Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’

Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’ has dark velvety foliage and white lateral veins. This once-rare aroid has recently been easier to find and beautifully compliments a gothic look! 

Anthurium clarinervium

This famous houseplant is sure to turn heads with its velvety, cordate leaves and web-like white venation. A collector's favorite, this stunning aroid is sure to stand out.

Anthurium ‘Ace of Spades’

This hybrid Anthurium is the holy grail of dark velvet houseplants. Anthurium ‘Ace of Spades’ is a showstopper in any collection - if you’re able to get your hands on one. While juvenile specimens often grow green leaves, mature plants grow completely black and velvety foliage. 

Begonia ‘Jurassic Silver Swirl’

This gothic rex Begonia cultivar offers jagged, spiraled leaves with black and silver patterning. Unique in both shape and texture from any other plant on this list, this charismatic Begonia is sure to turn heads! 

Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’

A must-have for lovers of black plants, this Colocasia is known for its spectacularly large foliage, lightweight leaves, and deep purple-black coloring. 

Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' 

Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’ is a classic favorite that boasts large, elliptic leaves with black and burgundy coloring. This adorable little tree is a great option to add some height to your gothic garden.

Peperomia metallica

This mystical semi-succulent houseplant features leathery black leaves with slight silver stripes in the center and dark burgundy undersides. It also displays mousetail blooms from late summer through early fall, adding a unique look to your collection.

Peperomia caperata 'Burgundy Ripple’

Another favorite gothic Peperomia is the ‘Burgundy Ripple.’ Its black-and-burgundy foliage is deeply ruffled, creating plenty of depth and drama in a small, compact plant.

Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’

This self-heading Philodendron is loved for the color of its new growth. Each new leaf emerges a blood-red hue before fading to black, creating a wonderfully gothic color combination.

Philodendron melanochrysum

Often called Black Gold, this is one of the darkest, most velvety climbing aroids we've seen. This Philodendron can get huge leaves measuring over 20" long, and the contrasting venation makes the plant really glow.

Scindapsus treubii ‘Dark’

This rare Scindapsus stands out from the rest with a rich, dark green color that turns black as the plant matures. Train it to climb your wall or hang it from the ceiling for an elegant, effortless look. 

Syngonium erythrophyllum ‘Red Arrow’

The darkest plant of the Syngonium genus, this vining aroid has black foliage with deep red undersides. Syngonium ‘Red Arrow’ is a trailing plant, making it a great option for a hanging basket or floating shelf. 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Raven’

Not only is this plant remarkably low maintenance, but it's also perfect for a gothic look! Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Raven’ sprouts lime green new growth that gradually turns into a fabulously gothic deep purple-black color as it matures. 

Begonia 'Midnight,' Sinocrassula yunnanensis, Macodes sanderiana x limii, and Alocasia x amazonica

The world of botany is full of magic and mystery, and all of these dark leaves keep us intrigued and exploring. Send us pictures of your gloriously grim house plant set-ups so we can share them on our Instagram! What’s your favorite black houseplant?

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