Bromeliads are incredibly versatile houseplants, easy to care for, beautiful to look at and adaptable to a wide variety of indoor spaces.

Many bromeliads grow epiphytically in nature, meaning that rather than growing exclusively in soil, they grow on the branches of other trees in the jungle canopy. As such, they're ideal for mounting. 

Mounted bromeliads are cared for much like their potted counterparts. Here's how to do it.

Bromeliad Mount Care - How to Water and Care For Mounted Bromeliads

How to Water a Bromeliad Mount:

There's no need to soak your mounted bromeliad. Simply keep the central “cup” of the plant filled with water at all times. Each time you water your mount, dump out any standing water to keep it from getting funky, as dust and debris tend to accumulate in there. Using filtered water is best. If your bromeliad has a flower coming out of the central cup, simply water right around it.

Bromeliad Mount Care - How to Water and Care For Mounted BromeliadsBromeliad Mount Care - How to Water and Care For Mounted Bromeliads

Bromeliad Light Requirements:

Bromeliads adapt well to a wide variety of indoor environments, and we tend to use lower-light tolerant bromeliad species on our mounts. 

Place in low-bright indirect light, avoiding direct sun. You can check in on how happy your bromeliad is by checking on its leaves. If your brightly-colored or patterned plant fades to green, that’s a signal it wants more light. If it’s getting too much light (and direct light in particular), it can get a sunburn, which might look like white or blotchy patches.

Another quick rule to test how much light your bromeliad needs is to feel the leaves. The more supple, floppy-leafed plants tend to require less light than bromeliads with stiffer foliage. 


If desired, feed your mounted bromeliad with an epiphytic fertilizer monthly through spring and summer. This may encourage blooming. Take care not to over-feed.

Any questions about bromeliad care? Ask us in the comments and share your stories. We'll respond with answers as soon as possible! 

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