“I kill plants.” We hear that phrase time and time again in the nursery. People want to bring plants into their homes or give them as gifts to people they love, and yet the thought that the plant might croak weighs on their conscience.

You or the person you’re thinking of have a black thumb? Don’t worry! We’ve picked our top 5 easy indoor plants that are beautiful, tough as nails and just as forgiving.

  1. ZZ Plant

    ZZ Plant has low light and water needs

    No light? No problem. Bright, shiny and waxy green leaves emerge on upright stems that curve outwards as they grow taller; this plant is a beauty, and easy as they come. Tolerant of very low light (including artificial light), this plant thrives on little water (once every 1-3 months).

  2. Sansevieria (aka Mother in law’s tongue or Snake plant)

    Also known as Snake Plant or Mother In Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria is simple.

    People tend to either love or hate the look of this plant; true to its name, long tongue-like leaves stand upright. We love it, both because of the seemingly infinite variegation and striping patterns in its leaves, and because of its ease of care. Like the ZZ plant, it wants little water, and can survive both in bright and dim spaces.

  3. Satin Pothos

    Satin Pothos is a textured beauty.

    Forgiveness is the key to this tropical stunner. Fast growing and easy to please, pothos create long lush vines of matte, silvery spotted foliage that will easily and quickly wrap around a kitchen or bedroom window. Over water it? No worries. This guy can bounce back. Underwater? It’s cool. Give it a drink and it will perk right back up. Just doesn’t like direct sun (and let’s be serious – who has direct sun in Portland?)

  4. Haworthia

    Haworthia is low light tolerant succulent.

    Love succulents but they always die on you? Look no further than Haworthia. This gem of a plant features everything you love about succulents like interesting shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, but is tolerant of lower light than its cousins. Be careful not to over-water during the winter, and enjoy watching this rapid grower spread during spring and summer.

  5. Rhipsalis (aka Mistletoe cactus, Drunkard’s Bones)

    Rhipsalis comes in many shapes and sizes.

    This epiphyte is one of our very favorites. Technically a jungle cactus that grows in the crooks of trees, this guy requires little soil and so thrives in terrariums and kokedama “string gardents”. Because it grows in the understory, it’s used to less light than other cacti. Plus, it doesn’t mind a bit more water than its cacti cousins, so don’t fret if you “overlove” this plant. Looks great hanging in a bathroom.

Honorable Mention: Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo are easy to care for algae balls.

Okay, so they’re not technically plants, but we can’t resist including these little aquatic balls of algae in the easy indoor plant list. Naturally spherical and growing only millimeters a year, marimo moss balls are native to bodies of fresh water in Japan and a few other locations around the world. All they need is to have their water changed every 2-3 weeks, and to be kept out of direct sun (which turns them brown). Simple, adorable and bringers of good luck!

December 24, 2014 — Pistils Nursery

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