Okay, given that plant obsession is essentially a job requirement here at Pistils, we’re a bit biased. But since we spend so much time around houseplants — both in the nursery and in our homes — we want to share with you some of the less obvious benefits of transforming your own home and workplace into an indoor jungle.

A variegated hindu rope hoya adds color and texture to an indoor space.

Benefits of Houseplants

    1. Plants Purify the Air and Improve Indoor Air Quality
      When plants produce energy through photosynthesis, they take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Guess what? The oxygen that comes out is much cleaner than what they take in – Plants literally clean the air! Studies have shown that during this process, plants actually absorb toxins like VOCs from the air. So get some plants into your house and breathe deeply!

      A few plants that are known to work especially well are sansevieria, peace lily, pothos and spider plants.

  1. Plants Reduce Stress
    It’s not a coincidence that you feel calmer in plant-filled spaces. Studies show that when placed in stressful situations, participants in environments with plants had lower blood pressure, were more attentive, and recovered from stress more quickly than those in a space absent of plants. Stressed out at work? Try a plant at your desk. You’d be surprised.

  2. Plants Make You More Productive
    One of the less obvious benefits of houseplants is that, in a plant-filled workplace, workers report feeling more productive, having more focus and completing tasks with more efficiency. And studies back this finding up – when participants were asked to complete a computer test, findings showed the workers in the space with houseplants to be 12% more productive and 10% more attentive!

  3. Plants Make You Happy
    We have emotional responses to natural beauty. Studies have shown the presence of flowers increase happiness and promote an optimistic outlook. Another reason plants make you happy is because they actually make rooms more comfortable by raising the ambient humidity into the ideal range (30-60%). Many homes and offices are too dry for comfort – especially in the winter. Plants remedy this and make your space more comfortable, which improves mood and energy – yet another of the many benefits of houseplants.

    So many succulents – Jade, Euphorbia and Aloe species light up a room.

  4. Plants Make Your Space Look Awesome
    Okay, there aren’t studies to back this one up. But let’s face it: the range of color, texture, shape and scale afforded by indoor plants — from succulents, to cacti, to tropicals, to ferns and more — is vast and awe-inspiring. An added benefit of houseplants is that they contribute immeasurable aesthetic beauty to a space. Plants are hip, too. Scroll through any design blog and you’ll notice something in common in nearly every space featured; at least one large and one small plant as accents in the room. Decorating with plants is fun and easy, and allows for lots of creativity – from a large ficus in a corner, to an intricate terrarium, the world of indoor plants has something for everyone.

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