Searching for the perfect gift for the plant-lover in your life? Check out our staff’s holiday favorites, with ideas for beginner plant owners and flora aficionados alike.

1 - Tillandsia

Air plants -- epiphytes that absorb water through their foliage rather than soil and grow on trees in their native habitats -- never fail to make an

“...a cute air plant like a Tillandsia xerographica or Tillandsia tectorum makes for a fun, and relatively easy-care plant gift. It’s interactive, too, for kids and folks that like to be more hands-on with their plants.” -Cate

Tillandsia Air Plant display - Pistils Nursery

2 - Terrarium

Brittany recommends a terrarium. Choose from a selection that we have carefully created or make one yourself. In a variety of shapes and sizes, a terrarium full of small plants, little treasures, and decorative stones is a lovely addition to anyone’s home.

3 - Rhipsalis

Our staff love epiphytes, and Rhipsalis is no exception. These jungle cacti work great in homes because they're tolerant of a bit less light than most desert-growing cacti.

“They are so fun and so easy. Such an underrated plant that’s easy to care for and great for beginners and experienced plant parents. There are also many different amazing varieties, so anyone can find one they like. And they have the most precious, understated flowers!” -Melanie

4 - Paine’s Incense

Staff member Nadine says that this all natural incense makes a great gift for almost anyone, but especially those who aren’t quite as plant-savvy, or for the special type of person who has way too many plants already!

5 - Practical Botany For Gardeners (by Geoff Hodge)

“It’s a small book with lots of useful detailed knowledge about plants, how they live, and loads of terms that make it a highly-browsable book and a reliable reference.” -Cameron

6 - Cork Mounted Plant

“There is something about the dynamic nature of the pieces -- so many different cork sizes and shapes and species used -- that makes such a big impact. I think these are a really accessible piece of living art for folks who might want a living wall but don't have the means or the space for a more permanent installation.” -Jesse

Cork Mounted Plants - Pistils Nursery

7 - Blue Eagle Pottery

Chloe’s favorite gift idea is a pair of handmade ceramic tumblers by Blue Eagle Pottery. “These feel very comforting to hold in your hand and sip anything out of. The color palette evokes a place where the desert greets the sky”

Blue Eagle Ceramics - Pistils Nursery

8 - Paperwhite Bulb Kit

“A favorite for the holidays are the paperwhite bulbs. You can make up a kit including bulbs, pebbles and a vessel, or complete it yourself. Depending on the vessel it could be inexpensive or extravagant” -Chris

Bulb Forcing - Pistils Nursery

9 -Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo are actually balls of naturally occuring algea, simple to care for and requiring very low maintenance. 

“Always my favorite gift - even for non-plant people.” -Em

10 - Fern in a Hand Thrown Ceramic Pot

Staff member Sarah suggests picking up a fern to delight your loved one . With their dreamy delicate green foliage, having a fern is like having a tiny piece of forest in your home. Pair a four inch fern with a handmade Bruning pot and you have a beautiful plant for your bedside table or windowsill. Consider complementing these with a cute mister to help give them the humidity they crave.
 Bruning Pottery - Pistils Nursery

By: Chloe Finley

Pistils Nursery